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How to choose a backpack
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Talk about the carrying system now. In addition to the suspension system within the frame mentioned above, as well as shoulder straps (ShoulderBelt), belt (HipBelt), and chest strap (ChestBelt). Good manufacturers and distributors can replace straps and belts according to your body shape. In addition, because men and women of different shape, good manufacturers specifically for girls designed a number of models of backpacks. These packages carrying system is specially crafted based on the characteristics of the female body.

The manufacturers are not the same size, in general, the size of the belt as follows: If your waist (hip bone around one week) is 68 centimeters or less, choose special trumpet. If your waist is 68-78 cm, the election trumpet. If your waist is 78 to 92 cm, select number. If your waist is 92-106 cm, the election tuba. If your waist is 106 cm or more, choose King. As for the shoulder straps do, regulate the between your shoulder blades and there will be no gap (hunchback who exceptions).

Good package weight distribution can be adjusted himself in the shoulder, you can adjust at any time based on physical and environmental. In short, a good suspension system properly adjusted, you can take most of the weight (over 60%) was transferred to the crotch and buttocks, so your shoulders will be a lot easier, it is also more flexible activities. By the time you just might have enough energy to enjoy nature.

Simple talk about the function of it. To talk about the material, generally good package selection as both strong but also anti 500DCordura this material a little water. Must choose super package bottom strength of the material. This is one of the places most likely to wear, the best 1000DCordura fabrics. To oversized YKK zipper. Although these things add too much weight, but still strong little better. Suspension system must have a good filling material, should be strong. Too soft and so many things back when you miserable.

Filler material between the inner frame and your body can be a little soft spot, it is best that the mesh can absorb sweat. The inside of the bag can be elongated best to have the kind of "collar" (StormCollar). When you do not bring a lot of things, your bag looks small. For example, 95 liters of pack, maybe looks like about 70 liters. Detachable backpack cover. When you set up camp, something else can be placed in the car or camp, backpack cover a pick, the necessities on the inside, so you have a small backpack. Usually there is a fitted sleeping bag pocket, if you do not need sleeping bag can also decorate other.

Some packages can not only filled from the top, front pocket (FrontPocket) inside the packet itself connected. If you installed the package from the package later you need to take the following things that can get unzip the front pocket, save one by one to look through from the top. In addition, installed a water bottle pocket is also useful. The best thing to have bundled features. As to whether to carry an ice ax tripod according to individual needs, and most people do not have access. HydrationSystem drinking water systems and the like will depend on personal habits and hobbies.

When you are sure you need the capacity later, you want to choose some brand style, one by one test back, then OK. If you can borrow some from a friend backpacks were used several times to try our best. Very good reputation in the US market has DanaDesign, Gregory, ArcTeryx, Osprey. In addition, LoweAlpine, Kelty and TheNorthFace can be. European brands sold in the United States rarely, mainly because the market reason to sell.

My friends are respected domestic German BigPack, VauDe. In fact, the brand is not important, but many of us will inevitably have to walk into this misunderstanding selection of merchandise. If the carrying system suitable and good workmanship, quality and price are not important. Remember, no matter what "grade" What brand of bag, inappropriate still bleeding marks on the shoulder Le.

Finally, talk about backpack filled. Let's talk about how to buy a bag for a long time, in fact, the most important is the backpack filled. If the inner frame bag filled inappropriate, back up uncomfortable, involvement does not say, chances are that you have to Shanle Yao. My experience is also inadequate, so it is best experienced outdoor enthusiasts are invited to help you design it. Generally speaking, within the backrest package requires leaning forward. The disadvantage of this is within the frame package, after a long time the body will be tired. However, a good way to fill or reduce this problem can be solved.

Usually heavy things should be placed near the top and snapping back, such as stoves, lamps. High center of gravity you can straighten the waist. The camera and lens if you can put in a small camera bag can be placed on top. If at the resort you can take out with.

You do not need to change into the sleeping bag and the clothes on the bottom, other things do not have to put the best below. Require frequent access to something on the side of the pocket, as put rain jacket, map, compass and the like. In any case, it is best to buy a package when you go to the store commonly used test equipment.

Be sure to find fault, improper uncomfortable do not improvise. Sell package businessman more concerned how much money he can, but for you, it is not only a few hundred dollars so simple thing.

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