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How to choose travel bag? Travel bag optional tips
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For friends who travel, travel backpack outing indispensable items. Good backpack will cause become casual appearance, his voice, more needed to carry a lot of things along the way, the liberation of his hands, to make the journey more comfortable. There's so versatile backpack, buy, should also pay attention to many problems.

Choose its own conditions backpack capacity

   Friends in the choice of the backpack, not simply that a large capacity backpack will certainly easier to use. Although large capacity can hold many things we need to bring along, but when the backpack is not easy to pack solid when action package goods back and forth bumps easily damaged. It is recommended that want to buy a backpack, the first one listed in the list of individuals out of equipment, according to a list of estimated capacity of about backpacks need to use combined product selection. For example, you may need to carry out warm clothes, raincoats, sleeping bags and other items abatement over time, the size of the weight are relatively stable. And along the way needed food, fuel, etc. These are consumables, along the way in a little bit of reduction, so choose the backpack should take into account the capacity to rationally choose these consumables backpack. At present, some backpack capacity for change consumables design a "flexible capacity" of the backpack, even a few days out, consumables declining it still can play solidly, suitable for different fields.

The combined weight of the backpack distribution

   Reference local travel records based on the place to go, if the road after more trails, such as the upward spiral winding forest road, uphill road more difficult, at this time the focus of the backpack can be placed in the lower side, let the focus fall on the buttocks , that is something relatively heavy weight on the bottom of the backpack, smaller and lighter items on the back of the backpack biased position in, so will feel more relaxed. The sleeping bag is recommended to do a simple waterproof treatment on the bottom of a backpack, this way, put down the backpack when there is a down sleeping bag is not afraid to bump cushion, two sleeping bags to camp for the night, only to get time to use.

   Combined backpack fabric material taking into account the need to travel back more items, many of them relatively large weight sleeping bags, stoves, etc. So the best selection of fabric bags can be load-bearing. Currently on the market are mostly made of nylon, polyester fabrics, there is a certain bearing and water resistance. Not to worry about damp night drops deep backpack and soaked the clothes do not have to worry about heavy items back backpack be damaged. And from the physics point of consideration, shoulder straps, chest straps, belts finer bags, load-bearing capacity of the weaker, so pick the bag when the proposed purchase with a relatively wide, relatively strong fabric texture travel bag, it is best to personally feel the back , adjust each adjustment points on the bag to adapt themselves, if they feel some parts can not be adjusted to a comfortable state, you can determine this backpack is not suitable for them, the proposed purchase of other styles.



  Recommend friends to travel to the regular mall to buy well-known brands, both to ensure high quality, and good after-sale.

  In short, I hope you will seriously remember to buy the above techniques and methods, which can buy into a bed of roses travel bag, oh. Also, a lot of hope that we want to shop around, so, have more opportunities to buy into a suitable travel bag. If we still do not know how to buy it, you can see below with reference to the connection is recommended for everyone oh. Finally, I wish you a happy life.

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