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Precautions need to buy a backpack
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When you purchase the bag, be sure to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, of course, is to choose your favorite color and pattern. Bags can and clothes, belts, shoes, scarves or even a headdress with each other. Not necessarily limited to the clothes worn by the current to match, but also with other stuff you want to buy or to match. Of course the best is still to buy clothes, after buying the bag. So as to more easily see the overall effect.

2. Select the style and size. Speaking of style, it is more. The range of choice has satchel, handbags, shoulder bags, dual-use messenger bags, backpacks, purses, chest packs and the like.

3. Select the size of the bag and the details, such as the length of the belt bag, the pattern is appropriate own, bags and so on their own hardware if appropriate. The size of the bag is very important. A lot of people do not pay attention because of the size of the bag, buy it after the original too large or too small, some hand strap is too long, causing a bad back after the buy. Therefore, we must pay attention to the specific size of the bag, which is very important to buy a bag ring. After the actual measurement data can be very intuitive. Ignoring these easy to make yourself suffer.

4, need to look at the bag of work, this part is divided into several aspects, whether pull it look easy alignment, with or without balance, without loose stitches, crooked, with or without skin wrinkles, handle, buckle other hardware whether the firm, with or without large scratches. And function within the package are complete, such as mobile phone bags, camera bag, document bag, are generally high-end bags are bags with documents. While many high-end bag liner are relatively strong, durable, and feel good, but also does not smell.

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