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Fujian Quanzhou: October exports was an increase of three percent over the luggage business leveraging the electricity supplier a license
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As Quanzhou traditional export products, luggage industry in 2012 by the foreign trade situation overall downturn, the export slowdown. Statistics show that before October Quanzhou exports totaled $ 9.89 billion, up 11.8%, of which, total exports of $ 475 million bags, an increase of 9.79%, lower than the average export growth bags export growth in the city.

But low by the base, seasonal factors and foreign policy support and corporate support and other factors need to pick up 10 single month, luggage exports $ 47,020,000, an increase of 37.02%.

Take the initiative to look for orders

Bags and umbrella export base in Fujian Province Chamber of Commerce survey of enterprises operating conditions for 200 data show that nearly half of the export decline in business in the first half. 20% of those surveyed businesses in the first half of 2012 total exports were flat compared to last year; an increase of 5% -10% of enterprises accounted for about 13.3 percent, an increase of 10% -20% of enterprises accounted for about 7%, while due the international situation is grim impact, reducing orders, resulting in the first half of 2012, exports fell 10% -20% of the companies surveyed enterprises accounted for 43.3%, about 10% of companies fell more than 30 percent.

It is understood that the first half of 2012 led to a larger decline in exports was the main factor in reducing the amount of business orders, export prices fell slightly. At the same time, enterprises are facing greater performance risk, trade friction and enhance product environmental requirements and other factors also contributed to the passive and difficult business.

In the case of the foreign trade situation is grim, many bags enterprises from home waiting for orders to take the initiative to go to Europe and America looking for orders. Haidu light through Alibaba network platform to find customers, they will be moved to the United States stand bags professional exhibition. Efforts to bring new customers. "In the maintenance of good old customers, while in 2012 to win some new customers in Italy and Brazil, orders the Italian small but high-profit, orders profit margins in Brazil but the single volume, the enterprise is also a complementary. "Light Industry Market Development Manager, said Chen Xiaohui sea are.

Export market diversification

View from the exit area, Europe is still the main export, accounting for about two-thirds of total exports of luggage. However, many companies are trying to achieve diversification of export markets.

For example, Fujian Che-hung's light industry since 2002, has set up its own marketing terminal in Russia, Pakistan and other countries and regions, and achieved good results. "Now the US and European market situation is bad, but to see the other parts of the world have a good investment and trade environment. From the Company's performance in other emerging markets outside Russia, Brazil, Africa and Asia, exports to emerging markets, is 2012's highlights. "Hung holy light official said.

Furthermore, luggage venture through a number of measures to adapt to the current situation of foreign trade development: about 25 percent of companies have chosen to industrial transformation; 37.5% of companies have chosen to adjust the product structure; 56.3% of respondents choose to adjust the structure of the international market to win more Order, of which more inclined to open up emerging markets; 43.6% of the companies were also selected production technology, innovative tap the potential to resolve operational difficulties; 68.8% of enterprises pay more attention to internal management, improve efficiency and gain the initiative.

Create brand awareness growing

In the export slowdown situation, luggage enterprises creating brand awareness is also growing. Enterprises obvious importance Fujian famous trademarks, brand-name applications. Since 2012, Fujian bags and umbrella export base Chamber of Commerce to declare a total of 29 member companies and get the "Fujian famous international brands," the title.

Tide Light Co., Ltd. in the establishment of design platform, to cultivate a professional design team, and actively cooperate with international brands. Hung holy light through the development in Russia MONKKING hundred gwo brands and domestic brands, adhere to the "walking on two legs."

Taking into account the high cost of a license under the line, many companies have begun to set its sight on luggage electricity supplier new channel. From 1996 it began for foreign brands OEM Dongxing bags, five years ago launched its own brand Cady slave, which sells student kits. However, after years of attempts, the line channels, as well as the high cost of student kits shorter sales cycles, business has been plagued by various problems. For this reason, from the beginning of March 2012, Cady slave began to try to network marketing as the next line of supplements, with production advantage coupled with a regular cartoon network authorization, from the beginning of July, net sales of the rapid growth in August a single month reached 300 million.

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