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Backpack custom process
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In the China gift market, more and more customers choose backpacks as business gifts promotional items, general customers will be asked in the backpack marked their own brands, and according to their own requirements to change the color, fabric, size, quantity of conventional backpack customized in 500 or more, so, what kind of backpack the customization process? The following simple sorting, generally can be used as reference:

1., first of all, to collect some professional backpack manufacturers, to understand the advantages of manufacturers, select the strength of suppliers;

2., secondly, if you have a sample in your hand, you can send a sample, picture or object to the manufacturer. If there is no sample, you can choose your own backpack from the manufacturer's style

3. after defining the style, start negotiating the details of the package, such as material, size, color, quantity, and final confirmation

4. after confirming the unit price and quantity, you can ask the manufacturer to send a backpack sample or a sample, the pack proofing needs to provide accurate parameters, and send the printed AI format

5., after the sample through, signed a custom-made custom-made contract, pay a deposit; samples do not pass, you can re communicate, modify matters for two times proofing, until the model confirmed after the signing of the backpack customized contract, pay deposit

6. finished goods production, the bag factory inspection or directly call manufacturers express shipment samples confirmed by quality, pay the balance shipment

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