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Common sense of double shoulder bag maintenance
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First: do not always back, if you are a long time exercise, it is best not to choose long time carrying your backpack, surely, this long time back to your body is not good, to try to carry on after one or two hours, and then back again so, take your rest package, can greatly extend the life of your backpack.

Second: always let your bag see the sun, do not keep in the house and not do outdoor sports. No sun light moisture, your bags may appear moldy, but there are still some people smell the smell, feel very uncomfortable, and you're carrying it, therefore, may from time to time to pack up your love for a sunbathing, to it is a little bit of sunshine?

Third: as far as possible to avoid significant friction, in the process of using, it will inevitably encounter some wear. This is not to say that can not wear, but to minimize wear and tear to bring you damage, to wear less and love. Try to avoid the larger friction or uneven surface to use, if you have to use, also want to stay an eye, do not carry out positive friction of unwillingness.

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